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The Richie Rich Revolution: New Wealth Management Trends w/ Pratik & Siddhesh | RizingTV Private Eye

In the latest dispatch of RizingTV Private Eye, Pratik Sengupta, Managing Director – 3Q Private Wealth Service, & Siddhesh Dandekar, Founder and Principal Partner – 3Q Private Wealth Mumbai, discussed to understand trends in India’s wealth management space. Distinct lines are being seen in India’s richie rich with traditional rich and the new rich having different investment preferences, rationale and even choice of wealth managers. The podcast also highlights the growing importance of the alternate investment opportunities compared to a very public markets or a fixed income approach. We unravel questions like what is India’s future wealth creation story, sophistication of investors to deal with wealth managers, Dubai vs India as an investment spot and so on. Listen in to the full podcast to know more!