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General Questions

We believe that knowing a client’s profile is of utmost importance before presenting him with investment options. With a probing quiz, we want our clients to answer 3 pertinent questions- 1) What are her financial goals? 2) How does she react to volatility? 3) What are her unique situations?

The answer to these three questions in-depth, gives us an appropriate insight to the client profile.

Through our international platform, a client has almost every product at her disposal. However, we are solution oriented. Understanding a client’s risk appetite, return expectations, taxation, time horizon, liquidity, legal constraints, and preferences are of utmost importance before offering a product basket. Our experienced and qualified analyst team also constantly evaluate the valuations, risks, and opportunities across various markets before arriving at the right strategy at a given point. While a client has options to invest across developed and emerging market funds, alternative investment products, bonds and structures, market linked notes, and stock portfolios, we are careful in evaluating the merits through exhaustive quantitative and qualitative analysis before creating a product basket for the clients. The focus is on the right strategy, not a product.

We analyse a client’s profile over an in-depth discussion, wanting to understand her needs, goals, risk appetite, unique circumstances, constraints, and the present investments. We can transfer all the holdings under one umbrella with streamlined view and access, for ease of tracking and getting appropriate reports. We offer the options and necessary guidance to execute changes and create the portfolio that suits the profile and goals. An experienced and trained resource with formal academic background on investment management, is assigned as the Investment Specialist touchpoint. A senior resource is attached for all queries and service requirements. We keep a track of the portfolios and review periodically for possible changes. We provide transaction and tax reports.

For clients needing to create a firewall for safeguarding their assets, we help create trusts and wills to aid in asset protection and estate planning. 

With our aim to walk hand in hand with the client in his investment journey for a lifetime, we bring in continuity of relationship touchpoint, consistency of thought process, and transparency. For us, each client is a relationship for a lifetime.

3Q has a team of research analysts who track the market, events, macro-economic data, and product specific updates. The lead analyst collates the data and in consultation with the investment committee comprising the senior management and comes up with the appropriate views. The product basket is a whitelist resulting from quantitative and qualitative filters. In essence, there is a battery of experienced, professional, and formally qualified personnel who work with the sole aim of keeping you ahead of the markets.

3Q has an outreach expanding across borders. Our Indian entity- 3Q Financial Services and International Business- ThreeQ Private Wealth Services, bring on the table Global knowledge, experience and standards, international products, and solutions to achieve true diversification, and customised opportunistic ideas for our Private Global Investors. You can practically invest in any market globally. However, the focus is on creating a solid portfolio that is relatively well poised to generate optimum returns without complicating or compromising on the quality. The portfolio can be across developed and emerging markets as per preferences and opportunities.

We have leaped towards paperless transactions and most of our transactions happen through approvals and secure authentications online. Client on-boarding and registrations are done online too.

You can track your investments, transactions, tax reports and much more through our online portal and mobile app. Additionally, your Relationship Adviser keeps sending periodic statements as per your chosen frequency.

We help construct investment portfolios within a tight knit framework, so that tracking and monitoring them constantly is an easy process. Our analyst team constantly monitors the markets, macroeconomic numbers, and specific industry/ company performances to understand the impact of changes from expected lines. The relationship advisers are updated on a weekly basis on the markets, likelihood impacts of any events or changes, and possible required changes in the whitelist of funds and securities. Our relationship advisers are trained to check the portfolios on a weekly basis.

3Q has an outreach expanding across borders. Our Indian entity- 3Q Financial Services and International Business- ThreeQ Private Wealth Services, bring on the table Global knowledge, experience and standards, international products to achieve true diversification, and customised opportunistic ideas for resident Indians, Non-Residents and Foreign citizens.

Investment is a long-term game. Just like one doesn’t keep checking the price of a real estate frequently after buying it, one shouldn’t check the market values too frequently or get perturbed with the changes in portfolio value in the short term. In essence, change is required only when the purpose of a fund, or an allocation is fulfilled, and it is prudent to make the changes. We do not believe in frequent changes and let the power of compounding grow the wealth of the investors over the longer term.

No. It’s not quite our forte. We do not have expertise in a) timing the markets; b) managing a trading portfolio; c) Invest in commodities; d) Invest in non-regulated asset classes; e) Invest in non-recognised or insignificant economies.

At no point of time do you need to transfer any funds to us. All your investments are directly held by you. We construct the portfolio through recognised and regulated platforms, and all your assets are held by regulated reputed custodians.

We wish to engage with you on a forever basis. Tenure is- perpetual, across generations. A lot of our clients are now in the process of introducing us to the next generation and passing on the wealth for ongoing management. They like consistency and so do we.

We work with a set of private client families who would like to keep away from the public eye, and not like their names being shared. We sign a non-disclosure agreement in most cases and make confidentiality a strict clause. However, there are always a few clients who do not mind talking to a potential client and sharing their views and opinions. So, references can be provided on request, after taking prior permission and appointments from the clients. However, you are encouraged to check out the client testimonials in this website, and look up the profiles of our Partners and Directors and references on linkedin.

We have a dedicated team of not only experienced, but highly professional individuals who have formal training and academic backgrounds in the areas of investment management. The thrust of the organisation is on constant knowledge improvement and formal certifications for all the resources. They come from diverse but intense coursework backgrounds like MBA, CA, CFA, FRM and CFP. The key personnel have seen multiple cycles of the markets and held the clients closely, helping them ride through the 2008 financial crisis, 2009 Dubai debt standstill, 2010 European Sovereign debt crisis, 2015 China market crash and yuan devaluation, BREXIT, Coronavirus Pandemic 2020 and Ukraine Russia Crisis. Each time we helped our clients tide through them with appropriate strategies and actions. In fact, our clients have only grown over these crests and troughs. Not only is our research of the highest quality, but our understanding of the markets is also deep and conviction on the strategies high.

We are AMFI registered distributor (ARN 111727) in India and operate with an Investment Advisor, Banking and Financial Consultancy license (DAFZ Service License 05093) in the international markets. We adhere to all norms and policies as per the market regulators and best practices. We have strict policies pertaining to anti-bribery & corruption, anti-money laundering, client confidentiality and non-disclosure, in place. Apart from these, we have an internal self-appointed officer for checks and audits on all internal and client documents. Our KYC checks are rigorous and client onboarding happens after reference and online checks. Additionally, to protect client interests, we have a strict process of suitability profiling, investment policy statements and mandated portfolio checks at fixed intervals. All client sensitive data are protected through need-based access logins. 3Q Private Wealth never holds or transacts with client’s funds.

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